Thursday, September 22, 2011

On the Verge of Anarchy

(this is excerpted from a short book I wrote nearly 20 years ago, never imagining that it would come true so soon, as is most certainly the case right now in Greece at least)

There is only one system which can maintain world peace and eco­nomic prosperity.  That is the system which requires each man to bear the responsibility for his own life and property:  Capitalism.  Climbing onto Capitalism's invisible stairway, though, is an intimidating prospect.  To do so requires citizens to exchange lives that may seem comfortable for the unknown voyage of responsibility.

The choice is made easier, however, when one realizes that the benefits provided by socialized nations do not have long lives.  Unless the governments of socialized nations loosen the grip of regulation and taxation, they will be left distributing an ever diminishing economic pie.  Only free market Capitalism expands a nation's wealth.  By rewarding men for their efforts, this system motivates the creativity which leads to the rising standard of living that has historically characterized Capitalist nations.

The Social Democracies of the world may, however, have already reached the point where their decline is irreversible.  When the number of citizens that receive benefits at government's behest is larger than the group that produces those benefits it will be too late.  The recipients will perceive that they must maintain this system simply in order to preserve their own welfare--and their numerical strength will ensure them the power to do so.  This segment of the population, which gains from government action, will never act on its own to reduce the benefits that it receives.  That said, unless the citizens who produce the benefits provided by Social Democracies soon unite to force their nations back towards Capitalism, the citizens that consume those benefits will, most certainly, drag society down into anarchy.  

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